Damien Hirst Exhibiton, Tate Modern

Year 9 & 10 students from The Springfields Academy visited the Damien Hirst exhibition at the Tate Modern, London on 14th June 2012. Everyone was keen to see the shark preserved in formaldehyde, the cow which is cut in half, the famous ‘dot paintings’ as well as the diamond encrusted human skull.

On the same day Damien Hirst was actually in Covent Garden demonstrating how he makes his spin paintings. We didn’t quite make it in time to see him but students had a go at creating their own version of these paintings. These creations will form part of an exhibition in Covent Garden and will then be sent to the school where we will put them on display.

On our return we emailed Damien Hirst and told him what a fantastic time we had, had. This was the reply we received:

Dear Rachel,

Thank you for your email. We are so pleased the children enjoyed the day – it was a fantastic event.
I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you on Damien’s behalf for your kind words and interest in him.
All the best to you and the children,
Kind regards,
Amie Corry